Compound Weekly, 8/5

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cToken Educational Resources

We’ve added a dedicated page for cToken resources to our website — track cToken exchange rates, and learn how to integrate them into your application.


ETHIndia concluded with a strong list of projects. Including which aggregates crypto lending across DeFi platforms.

Community Videos

Chris Blec has begun creating a series of Compound video tutorials, here are a few of our favorites:


Top 10 DeFi Platforms of 2019 via Bitcoin Market Journal

Designing for Composability via NFTY News

Ethereum: The Digital Finance Stack via David Hoffman



Supply increased by 10% to $142 million with ~7k suppliers.

Borrow increased by 10% to $41 million with ~1k borrowers.

Last week, we saw a ton of borrowing come into the DAI market, and subsequently a large supply of DAI from folks chasing the elevated lending rate (which peaked ~17% apr). This week, the USDC market played catch up, as borrowers noticed they could borrow USDC for much cheaper than DAI. Most new borrowing was in USDC, and the interest rates are approaching parity with DAI. Total DAI borrowed decreased by $714 K, while total USDC borrowed increased by $3.5 million.

For live figures please refer to our Markets page.