Compound Weekly, 8/12

Welcome to Compound Weekly, where we present updates from the Compound community & ecosystem. To learn more and contribute your updates,  please join over 3,000 other members in our community Discord.


Totle and cDai

Totle offers decentralized liquidity on autopilot and now supports Compound’s cDai.

Metamask Mobile

Metamask recently released the first version of their mobile apps for iOS and Android and features Compound on the home screen.


Kyber recently released a comprehensive ETH India post with many pictures and updates from the successful hackathon.  

Pocket Bank

Pocket Bank, an ETH India project that works with Compound shows a live view of the growth of cDAI in your wallet. To get started on adding this same functionality to your projects you can read more about cTokens.


Etherscan recently added cToken prices. You can see this data throughout their site.

Go-compound by postables

Go-compound by postables - A CLI that can be used to build monitoring tools like the one shown in the readme. Golang client, and library for interacting with the Compound API, and interacting with the compound contracts. Allows for the creation of bots trading with Compound Protocol.

Press & Updates

Jake Chervinsky interview - Jake general counsel at Compound, was interviewed about regulatory issues. You can listen to the podcast here on Spotify.

▶️ Inside InstaDapp's Protocol Bridge - A seamless way for you to move your CDP from MakerDAO to Compound Finance. Another great video by Chris Blec.

First look at Compound finance - A comprehensive first look at Compound by TwiceCrypto.

Money 2.0 Stuff: cDai the standard - What benchmark should cryptocurrency funds use to evaluate performance? How do they compare to cDai?

Nexus Mutual: member-owned alternative - Nexus is a member-owned capital pool, providing the blockchain-based application user market with coverage against smart contract vulnerabilities.  


Ross Campbell demonstrates a video of the cDai integration with Open Law.


Total supply in Compound increased +2.8% week-over-week to $145.9 million, with over 8,100 unique suppliers.

Total borrowing increased +6.5% in the same timeframe to $43.7 million, with over 1,100 unique borrowers.

Volume in the protocol as measured in dollars continues its unbroken streak of week-over-week growth. The protocol crossed the $150 million milestone last week but dipped back under as the price of Ether is down almost 10% week-over-week.

For live figures please refer to our /markets page.