Compound Weekly, 7/29

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Fabr(x) API’s & Alerts

Fabr(x) added Compound to their suite of Smart Contract APIs, allowing developers to more easily interact with the Compound protocol, as well as an interest rate alarm system, to demo the APIs.

Interest Earning Stakes

Paul Berg from Sablier introduced ERC-2212: Earning Interest Stakes — a new standard to monetize decentralized applications (fees are paid by the time value / opportunity cost of your stake).

Compound Calculator

Compound Calc, by Aziz, is a simple tool to calculate the liquidation price for assets serving as collateral on Compound.


Federico Nitidi announced Compound ROI to surface the highest yielding opportunities on Compound.

Pooled cDAI

Zefram from Betoken introduced pooled cDAI, a smart contract library that pools DAI from multiple users, and sends the interest to a single beneficiary; a lightning quick implementation of the pooled interest model discussed last week.

Compound Lending Rates

Matt Solomon built a clear visualization tool to analyze interest rate history on Compound. 


Ethereum DeFi Products Hit Milestone as ETH Falls Against Bitcoin via Ethereum World News

2Q19 Crypto Retrospective via Circle Research



Supply increased 26.7% to $128 million.

Borrow increased 37% to $37 million.

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